We produce walnuts since 2016 when inspired by the quality of Bulgarian Walnut Tree decided to develop a product that without compromising with quality, deliver to our clients the lowest possible price. In order to do that we execute or monitor every step of the production process. From harvesting through collecting, drying and processing. The company owns and rents walnut massifs in region Ruse, Bulgaria, as well as modern production facility in Batishnica, Ruse. The trade mark Silagi Agro complies with the Regulation on the requirements for the labeling and presentation of foodstuffs of the BSAF.
Modern factory
Our company has a new and modern production facility that includes an automated production line with a capacity of 450 kilograms per hour, electric dryers, refrigeration chambers and storage areas with capacity of 50 tons of raw material.
Guaranteed quality
In order to ensure high quality products, we monitor every step in production. The control starts from harvesting through storage to walnut processing.
Just In Time
In order to ensure that we deliver high quality products, our production is processed hours before delivery. Packaged nuts are stored for less than 24 hours.
Fast delivery
The production is loaded on pallets and transported with specialized buses. The orders within the Rousse area are executed within the day. We work with wholesale customers at home and abroad.
Our mission
Our mission is to offer the maximum value for money ratio. We strive to increase the efficiency in every stage and reduce the cost of production through vertical integration and closing our production cycle.
It is of the utmost importance to satisfy every customer requirements, from the wholesaler to the end user, without compromising the requirements of production and market technology. This is the reason we accept fair competition as part of professionalism and declare that SILAGI GROUP is a punctual and reliable partner.
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