About Silagi Agro
Silagi Agro ltd. is in business with walnuts from year 2016, when we began to rent walnut massifs in Ruse region. Apart from collection point we posses modern production base in Batishnica municipality of Dve Mogili. Our mission is to offer the best quality-price ration with rigorous controll in every step in production.
We guarantee quality in every step
The walnut is very complicated fruit. If it spends too much time in a green shell the iodine, that consists in it, penetrades the kernel. As a consequence the kernel darkens and becomes bitter in taste. If the collection process is done too early the kernel stays small and loses some of its beneficial ingredients. In order to guarantee best quality for our products, our control starts from the collection process. The quality of our product is guaranteed from the sorts that we process. The green shell is removed immediately in order to ensure the utmost taste and quality of our products
Drying is a very important process in order to ensure longer storage and extracting unnecessary humid form the fruit. Silagi Agro does not use the ubiquitous practice to process of drying fruits with diesel or gas dryers that worsen the quality on expense of speed. Our production base uses two electric dryers with capacity of 5 cubic meters per hour. Our products are well dried with utmost kernel quality and taste.
Having a proper storage process is indispensable part of qualitative production. In order to guarantee fresh walnuts with preserved taste quality we storage the inshell fruit as long as possible. The kernels are extracted in the shortest period prior order
The process of removing the kernel from the shell is one of the final stages of walnut production. Silagi Agro uses new and modern equipment and production line for calibrating, sorting and separation of kernel from the shell. In order to guarantee absence of shell residue, our production passes mandatory quality check from operators of quality check.
During the process of products packaging we comply with all mandatory requirements of physical and sanitary control. The kernels are packed in vacuumed wrapping that are put in pallets. The packed kernels stays in storage for no more than 24 hours unless they are stored in the refrigeration chamber by client request.
The finished production is loaded in pallets and transported with specialised transport. The Received queries for Ruse District are executed on the day. We work with clients in the country and abroad.
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